Every Gardener’s Ultimate Guide to Soil Fungi

#11 - Gardener’s Ultimate Guide to Soil Fungi
Are you thinking of the best way to hone your gardening skills and improve the yield of your garden? It’s time to introduce fungus to your garden.

5 Major Ways Mushrooms Can Help To Solve The Problem of Food Insecurity

5 Major Ways Mushrooms Can Help To Solve The Problem of Food Insecurity
Are you suffering from any form of food insecurity? Are you looking for a more nutritious diet? Mushrooms can help you live above food insecurity.

How to Restore Soil Health and Improve Crop Production Without Using Fertilizers

#7 - How Plants Grow Healthy Without Fertilizer
Did you know it’s possible to regenerate the soil on your farm and produce healthy crops without using toxic fertilizers? Read here to learn more...

7 Best Ways To Use Mycorrhizae To Increase Your Soil Quality

#6 - 7 Ways To Use Mycorrhizae
Did you know that one of the greatest benefits of using mycorrhizae is that it improves soil quality? With them, you no longer need fertilizers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding How Mycorrhizal Fungi Work for Your Garden and Plants Growth

#5 - How Mycorrhizae Work for Beginners
Are slow-growing plants, root diseases, and unattractive sickly-looking flowers your major gardening concerns? Try using mycorrhizal fungi.

4 Reasons Why Any 21st Century Gardener Needs to Test for Soil Microbes

#2 - Test for Soil Microbes
Do you want a fast-growing and healthy garden that can bring you profit? Testing for soil microbes can give you cannabis buds you can be proud of.

The Hidden Value of Mycorrhizal Fungi: How Many Species Does Your Garden Need?

The Hidden Value of Mycorrhizal Fungi: How Many Species Does Your Garden Need?
Have you been leaving the root system of your plants to chance? With beneficial biology, you can boost your chances of having an enviable garden.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Plant Success Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae products are essential for helping your plants achieve their full potential. In most wild ecosystems, plant species share a beneficial,...

What is Trichoderma Mycorrhiza?

Mycorrhiza is the name given to specialized forms of fungi that grow on plants' roots and spread deep within the soil. The fungal filaments within the soil are an extension of the root system and are far more effective at absorbing water and nutrients than the actual roots.

What is a Mycorrhizal Product?

The term Mycorrhizal refers to the relationship that exists between beneficial fungi and the roots of plants. This colonization is an extension of the root system and extends well into the soil, growing in association with most plants.

Microbes for Hydroponics

The science behind beneficial microbes is very complicated. Still, the fundamental reality is that beneficial microbes for hydroponics provide growers with a wide array of benefits that cannot be matched.

Beneficial Bacteria for Plants

Bacteria often have a terrible name, but many bacteria strains are very beneficial, both to human beings and other life forms. Bacteria are the smallest life forms on the planet, as well as one of the most abundant and oldest, and soil fungi helped shape the soil structure of Earth and set the stage for plant life to evolve.