What is a Mycorrhizal Product?

How to Pick the Best Mycorrhizal Products for Your Garden 

Mycorrhizal products help replicate the symbiotic relationship between beneficial fungi and the roots of plants that occurs in the wild. With a nutrient-rich mycorrhizal supplement, you can help your plants at home grow to their fullest potential and maintain more optimal health. 

How Do Mycorrhizal Products Work? 

Mycorrhizal colonization is an extension of the root system and extends well into the soil, growing in association with most plants. These fungi act as supplemental support to the plant’s root system, allowing it to draw more water and nutrients from the soil. 

As Nature Intended 

Mycorrhizal fungi are located in undisturbed soil, along with several other helpful soil organisms. Unfortunately, many standard practices in today's world can have a degrading effect on the soil-forming potential caused by Mycorrhizal fungi such as tillage, home and road construction, and topsoil removal tillage and mind.

Benefits of Mycorrhizae Products

Because many mainstream gardening practices do not include the use of mycorrhizae, this beneficial relationship can be lost. This results in a shorter lifespan and drastically reduced nutrient absorption for plants raised in a controlled environment. 

By using products like solid and liquid mycorrhizal fungi supplements, this natural symbiotic relationship can be restored. These solutions help plants to greater utilize soil resources by as much as up to a hundred times more than is usually the case.

There are several key benefits to using Mycorrhizal products. These include: 

Improving Plant Establishment and Reducing Transplanting Stress

A plant’s ability to successfully establish its roots directly affects its lifespan. When transplanted to another location, this strain can often be terminal if the plant is not handled properly. Mycorrhizal products improve plants and soil's ecosystem and increase the establishment of root systems while reducing the stress and loss that can occur when plants are transplanted.

Increased Water and Nutrient Update

The use of Mycorrhizal products can increase the uptake of water and nutrients while also improving soil structure and porosity and reducing the need for fertilizers, making it easy to reestablish and build useful populations simply and cost-effectively.

Mycorrhizal Applications 

Mycorrhizal products can be found in many different forms, including the likes of transplant bags and jars. They are also used by a variety of different gardening hobbyists and professionals alike. Some popular applications include: 

Home Gardening 

Beautiful plants can brighten up a home and improve a person’s living experience. Using mycorrhizae products will help houseplants simulate their natural environment indoors, thus providing them with greater long-term health when accompanied with exposure to sunlight and consistent watering. 

Grow your own produce at home? Mycorrhizal one benefit of mycorrhizal products is helping your plants yield better-quality, better-tasting fruits and vegetables. Enjoy more delicious homegrown nutrients! 

Commercial Gardening 

Landscapers and gardeners can use mycorrhizal products in their treatment services to help grow stronger and healthier plants on their clients’ properties. Commercial gardeners that sell plants to retailers can also use these supplements to ensure that their products remain more vibrant, healthier-looking, and durable during transportation. 


Hydroponic gardening, by its very nature, involves using nutrient-rich supplements to grow the healthiest plants possible in a highly controlled environment. Having a sophisticated and refined mycorrhizal supplement can help greatly improve the outcome of hydroponic projects. 


Farmers that rely on a healthy crop yield for their income can use mycorrhizae supplements in their fields to ensure that their plants are strongly rooted and primed to absorb as many nutrients as possible. Because high-end mycorrhizae products contain no harmful chemicals, you can rest assured that the plants will not be affected by any potential toxins from using them. 

Botany Research 

Botanists and other natural scientists that want to simulate the mycorrhizal relationship in a research environment can use supplement products to achieve this. This allows for greater control over variables and allows the researcher more experimental potential as they work on their project. 

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