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Premium Microbe Food
Microbe Food
Myco Chum® Premium Microbe Food - with Kelp, Molasses, Fish Hydrolysate and Humic Acids

Myco Chum® Premium Microbe Food - with Kelp, Molasses, Fish Hydrolysate and Humic Acids

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Myco chum is a supercharger for your microbes and sweetener for your fruits. Each ingredient was carefully hand-selected with a specific purpose.

Myco Chum is simple to add to your plant care routine and you’ll quickly notice better soil quality and stronger plants.

About Myco Chum

Myco Chum 1-0-3 is a premium, organic microbial food containing a proprietary blend of molasses, fish hydrolysate, liquid kelp, humic acids, and nutrients. Use Myco Chum throughout your plant’s entire lifecycle to optimize results. 

How To Use

Mix 5 ml (1 tsp) into 1 gallon for a light feed and water into plants. May use up to 15 ml (1tbsp) per gallon. Do not exceed.

May be used to brew compost tea at a rate of up to 1 tbsp per gallon.

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Key Ingredients

Each package of myco chum contains the following ingredients to maximize the health of your plants: 

Molasses: Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium as well as sulfur and other micronutrients. It provides a healthy dose of nutrients and supports the healthy microorganisms in your soil. 

Fish hydrolysate: A powerhouse for healthy plant growth! It offers your plants a healthy dose of nitrogen and beneficial fungi in your soil absolutely love it. 

Kelp: Provides your plants with a large number of beneficial micronutrients. It encourages better nutrient absorption, root expansion, photosynthesis, and many more essential components to optimal plant health! 

Humic acids: Use to buffer the pH of your soil to optimal levels to support healthy plant growth and increased nutrient intake. This can also help improve the quality of your soil. 


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Best sh*t ever

I use virtually every one of your products and they make a HUGE difference in my grows. My ladies are always praying - and it's bc I feed the soil and the microbes. Microbes > everything.

Timothy J.
United States

Will use this again 2330 8hr

Everytime I use it my plants get a pick me up. leaves point upwards almost singing. Glad o found this product

Mark S.
United States United States

like an oil change

its all a bit magic, but my experience is things just seem to run smoother when I use these products. I've been using for both indoor and outdoor grow.

United States United States
United States United States

Nutrient Supplements

Best nutrient supplement on the market. Contains everything your plants need that most nutrient kits are missing. Molasses and humic acids are key ingredients for complete plant nutrition.

Jason F.
United States United States