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Mike O’Rizey® - 4 Species Endo Mycorrhizae Blend

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Mike O’Rizey is an organic beneficial mycorrhizae product. It contains a diverse blend of mycorrhizal fungi that, once established, enhance the nutrient and water uptake of your plants.


Granular: Pure Endo 4 Species

This product contains a diverse blend of mycorrhizal fungi. It’s the perfect choice for organic, sustainable gardening. Use at planting time, when transplanting, or add to existing plants.

Mike O’Rizey is OMRI Listed!


How To Use

Use when transplanting vegetables, fruits, flowers, turf, shrubs and trees.

Mixing with Potting Soil
Mix 4-8 oz with 2.5 cubic ft of soil or 5 lb with one cu yd.

Existing Plants
Make holes 2-3 in deep and 6 in apart around the canopy of the plant. Use 1 tsp per hole for optimal performance.

Spread the granular at the bottom of the planting hole. While filling the planting hole, it is good to spread some around the roots.

Pot Size Mike O’Rizey®
4 inch 1 tsp
1 gal 1-2 tsp
2 gal 2-4 Tbsp
5 gal 6-8 Tbsp


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Glomus intraradices – 33 propagules per gram
Glomus mosseae – 33 props per gram
Glomus aggregatum – 33 props per gram
Glomus etunicatum – 33 props per gram


Mike O'Rizey Label

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