Great White Wettable Powder 4®

Great White Wettable Powder 4®

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Mycorrhizae aid in extending the root zone which enhances nutrient and water uptake. Great White Wettable Powder 4 contains an organic concentrated blend of 4 Endomycorrhizal species: Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum and G. etunicatum. Use on existing plants, in hydroponics or fertigation systems.

How To Use

Field Applications
Apply 1/2 lb per acre or mix with seed at 1/2 lb per acre.

Lightly dust seeds at time of planting. Band or mix Great White WP4 with seed, on average 1 lb. per acre.

Cloning Machines
Mix 1 teaspoon in 2 gallons of water. Mix 1 pound in 254 gallons of water.

Dip in the rooting hormone then roll in Great White WP4 powder. Presoak cubes/plugs in Great White WP4 solution, 1 tsp/2 gallons. Methods can be combined.

Hydroponics/Irrigation System
Mix 1 tsp in 5 gallons of water or 1lb per 645 gallons.  Apply 1-3 times a week until the 3rd week of flower. Will pass through a #70 screen/220 micros.

Lightly dust on and around root zone, ¼ - ½ tsp per plant or mix 1 tsp. in 2 gallons of water and soak roots in solution.  Mix 8 ounces of Great White WP4 in 100 gallons of water. Spray or pour on the root balls until saturated just before backfilling.

Established/Potted Plants
Mix 1 teaspoon in 1-2 gallons of water or 8 oz into 100 gallons and apply solution on and around root zone.  Apply 1-3 times a week until the 3rd week of flower.

Mixing with Soil/Coco
Mix 1 – 3 ozs. per 2.5 cubic feet or 2 – 5 lbs. per cubic yard of soil/coco.




Glomus intraradices - 70 prop/gram
Glomus mosseae - 70 prop/gram
Glomus aggregatum - 70 prop/gram
Glomus etunicatum - 70 prop/gram